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School based enterprises.


I will be running various school based enterprises via DIY-U and School of The Remote Influencer 1. I see these enterprises or web projects as simulated business which could become actual small businesses in the future. In some ways I look upon my web projects as low or medium risk investments.

When I think about digital real estate, I am lucky in regard to the web domain name for this blog. I would have presumed that the domain name would have been taken already. Luckily for me the domain name was available. I like it. It's short, straight to the point and easy to remember.

Here is a link to a post on the topic above. It's from my Google blog for School of The Remote Influencer 1. I will also leave a link to a post from this blog. It shows my DIY-U campus.


Popular posts from this blog

WCK 7 Wearable chain keyring 7 updated demo.

Here is an update for one of my creations, WCK 7 : Wearable chain keyring 7. This is an example of the DIY maker movement in action. WCK 7 is made up of industrial goods connected to each other. There are 10 pieces that make up this unique and useful product. In the video below, you can also see the neodymium magnet that's connected to a hexagonal nut. The keyring can be placed onto this end piece as you can see in the photo below. 

My new logos for DIY U.

  I have 2 new wording logos created for DIY U. I can provide you with the contact info for the designer of the logo, if you're interested in getting logos made. You can contact me via the contact page in this blog. The designer is creative for sure. I didn't ask him to place the wrench symbol as the letter i. He came up with this idea by himself. The logo tells people in a nutshell what DIY U is all about : Do it yourself education and research.

My Ato sports promoter projects.

  My latest project from DIY-U is related to sports promotion. I had to initiate research endeavors in order to make the aforementioned projects a reality. In fact, the research is ongoing. Here is a link to my Ato consulting XYZ site. You will find the links to my Ato sports promoter projects in this link.