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DIY-U unincorporated association constitution.

The idea for DIY-U came about through the basic research projects I am undertaking via Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI. I have written an updated constitution for PTRI. This constitution applies to DIY-U as well, seeing as DIY-U is one of the projects which falls under the PTRI umbrella . The constitution is in PDF format. Most pc's come with Adobe reader or some other program which can be used to open PDF files with. If you don't have such a program, you can download Adobe reader for free. It's easy to find this program via an internet search. The constitution can change over the course of time. Once the DIY-U group starts growing, the group members and I can modify the constitution as deemed appropriate and/or necessary. Here's a link to my Project The Remote Influencer - PTRI blog. The post includes a link to the PDF constitution.

Students should not be looked upon as raw materials.

Definitions of the term 'Raw Materials'. The basic material from which a product is made. Material before being processed or manufactured into a final form. Source: ( for the definition directly above. I am not sure where the first definition originates from. ) Did you like the photo of the plastic bottles in an assembly line? I do not want to have assembly line students, teachers and researchers at DIY-U. At DIY-U we think way outside the box. When you read the definition for raw materials, given by, it could be quite accurate in some respects. The students start out a fresh level and once they have completed their course they are at a higher level - sorry for stating the obvious. It's a bit cold to think of students as raw materials. That's just my opinion anyhow. In future posts I will write about the factory model of schools and schooling in general.

DIY-U as an unincorporated association.

An unincorporated association is the simplest form of a non profit organization. DIY University is an unincorporated association. My research has shown that unincorporated associations can grow into international organizations and that they can be turned into for profit ventures too. Here's what says about unincorporated associations. What happens, legally speaking, when a group of people get together and decide to perform some task without filing any legal paperwork or establishing any formal legal structure? Whether they know it or not, they have formed an unincorporated association. Unincorporated association means an unincorporated group of two or more persons joined by mutual consent for a common lawful purpose, whether organized for profit or or not. Linder Myers solicitors on unincorporated associations. There are many situations where a group of individuals come together to further a common aim or interest such as a sporting or other social activity,