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My independent study in Math/s.

  When I was growing up, I had a phobia of sorts for maths. In the UK, we call it maths. My maths skills started to improve when I had started junior college. I have decided to start my own independent study of maths. I have ongoing health issues. However, I will do what I am capable of doing. As self directed learning plays a huge part in DIY-U, I will find the necessary resources and I will teach myself. I will evaluate my learning. I am not interested in gaining a certificate or certificates for my maths studies. There are many self taught mathematicians in history. I am not saying I want to become a mathematician. However, I do want to improve my skills in this subject. I will conduct my studies at my own pace and I will most likely continue with the practice until I decide to end the self initiated learning project of my own creation. Here is one of the solutions I have created as a result of my explorations in math/s.