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My homemade chain lanyard for my keys.

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My WCK 7 Wearable chain keyring 7 registered design.

What is a Research University?

This great video provides pertinent and helpful info on research universities and the work they do.  Research university, definition of. Establishment where a seat of higher learning is housed, including administrative and living quarters as well as facilities for research and teaching. DIY U is primarily an online research university. Therefore, the establishment would be the internet. I conduct my research from home,  so my home would be my research facility. My teaching facility is my home and the internet is also my teaching facility. Research universities are the engines of discovery, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge across every field. They not only create groundbreaking advancements in medicine, technology, and social sciences, but also train the next generation of researchers and innovators. While formal university settings offer a structured approach, DIY U complements this by fostering a love of exploration and independent learning. Here, you can explore research top

My custom designed letter A welders cape hood from MyWorkwear UK.

Just had my GTFO My property, rude Mp3 dance jingle made.

I did some research in how to get Mp3 tracks made. I found a Youtube video of an angry woman swearing at a female cop via her ring cam. I went to a local recording studio to make my rude and funny dance jingle, GTFO my property. I bought 2 backing dance beats via The talented recording engineer at Jam rock studios added the vocals of the swearing woman plus the 2 backing tracks into a creative dance jingle mix, GTFO my property. I have made several Mp3 dance jingles. It's something I have wanted to do for quite some time now. I can now cross this off my bucket list. 

My Research takes time to complete, poster design.

  I have designed my own poster dedicated to research. I used the Adobe express product to create the poster with. I will provide a link to the Png image via my Google drive, below. You're welcome to download and to have the image made into a poster too, if you feel so inclined. Here is a link to the poster design. Here is a link to my Youtube video on the above topic.

My Ato sports promoter projects.

  My latest project from DIY-U is related to sports promotion. I had to initiate research endeavors in order to make the aforementioned projects a reality. In fact, the research is ongoing. Here is a link to my Ato consulting XYZ site. You will find the links to my Ato sports promoter projects in this link.