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DIY-U and Home Schooling.

DIY-U is highly creative in essence . I see myself as a teacher and a home schooling student as well. The lines are blurred when it comes to learning and teaching at DIY-U. I have and I still am conducting research into home schooling.  I wish I had been home schooled. When I was growing up, the world wide web had not been created. Home education as it is known in the UK, was available when I was high school student. However, I did not even know about this at the time. I have placed an underline in two segments of the above. Here's why. I will be adding to the fluid but ever expanding DIY-U body of knowledge through research. This body of knowledge will not be rigid and set in stone. It is not bound by dogma either. Here is a link to a post I had written up on Home Schooling. You will find a link to a PDF I had created on this topic. You're welcome to share the PDF.