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DIY-U has elements of the Medieval University within it.

The DIY-U Body of Knowledge is fluid in essence. It is expanding and evolving, improving over the course of time. The DIY-U Body of Knowledge is not bound by dogma and it is not limiting in any shape or form. Did you know that the medieval universities had its roots in monastic schools? You might ask what the connection is in this context. It is all connected. I will explain. My other creations, School of The Remote Influencer - SOTRI, and Way of The Remote Influencer - WOTRI, are part of the new monastic movement. SOTRI is the school and WOTRI is the monastery. My Remote Influencing (RI) links of a chain affirmation. Like links of a chain, through Remote Influencing RI), we are connected to positive people, events, situations and outcomes. The affirmation above is from my book, 'The Remote Influencer 2'. I am not plugging my book by the way. I am just showing how my work and my creations are connected and interconnected. You will see this quite frequently in my bl

My Facebook page for DIY-U.

I have recently opened a Facebook page and a Facebook group for DIY-U. I believe in the power of social media as a learning platform. I will write more about this topic in future posts. I hope Google re-start their social media vehicle. Let's see what transpires. Here are the links to my Facebook page and my Facebook group for DIY-U. The Facebook group for DIY-U is a closed membership group. Just send me a request to join and I will then add you as a group member. I am impressed with some of the features these groups give to page admins. They allow page managers to place documents into the page and they have other useful features too.