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DIY-U Clubs and Societies.


Most universities around the world have one thing in common : They have available quite a few clubs and societies covering many interests for students to join. Most of these clubs and societies have no costs associated for becoming a member. The remaining clubs and societies which include membership fees are usually reasonably charged. I have seen some universities having as many as 200 or more clubs and societies. Clubs and societies are a great way for students to meet new people and to learn new things. Transferable skills can be gained through becoming a member of a club or society. If a particular type of club or society is not available, students can create their own.

DIY-U has two clubs at present. One of the clubs is geared toward Research and Self Directed learning. The other is a sport and physical activity group. I had written about this group in a previous post. I will provide links below. There are 0 costs associated in joining these DIY-U clubs. I / we may create new clubs and societies too over the course of time. The global reach for DIY-U will extend to countries across the globe, once more and more people join these clubs.

Here are the links to two of the DIY-U clubs that are available for students from across the globe to join.


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