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University based businesses, projects etc.


Many fledgling businesses and/or projects had their start at universities. I had mentioned the word project, as Facebook had originally started out as a hobby or project of sorts. At DIY-U, small businesses and projects are encouraged, initiated and supported.

University based businesses can boost the economies of the cities and towns they are situated at. Some of these ventures can have an international customer base. Anything is possible with web based businesses. I foresee more and more web based freelance type businesses and projects coming into existence in the coming years and beyond.

Here is a link to a post which provides more info on this topic.


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Here is an update for one of my creations, WCK 7 : Wearable chain keyring 7. This is an example of the DIY maker movement in action. WCK 7 is made up of industrial goods connected to each other. There are 10 pieces that make up this unique and useful product. In the video below, you can also see the neodymium magnet that's connected to a hexagonal nut. The keyring can be placed onto this end piece as you can see in the photo below. 

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Research connections with regulations.

Here is a link to a PDF file I had written up on the connections I had made with research and regulations. I had analyzed secondary data in order to come up with some unique ideas relating to regulations etc. You are welcome to share and to download the PDF. I hope that the PDF file triggers new ideas for you. If you read about inventions, you will see that new inventions are basically improvements and / or modifications on existing ideas. Or they can be combinations of ideas.