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The purpose of Education.

I like the quote above. What's better? An open mind or one which is rigid and inflexible. I would aim to have an open mind. I have been researching self directed learning, research and related subjects for quite a few years now. When I was growing up, the internet and social media did not exist. I did not know that home education was legal during my high school years. I grew up in the UK. I had moved to the USA for 16 plus years too. I am back in the UK at present.

I am impressed with the UK Home Education regulations. They are very flexible. I have had discussions with people, regarding home education. These people were educated through traditional brick and mortar schools. It was no point in me having these discussions as these people were not open to hearing about the benefits of home education. It's ok. I do not need validation. My research has provided me with the truth I need. One of the arguments for traditional schools is the socialization factor. The detractors don't realize that home educated students meet with other home educated students and they converse with older people too.

Here is a link to a PDF I had typed up on the purpose of education.

Here's a Youtube video on the purpose of education.

The video was presented by Claire Boonstra. Claire is an engineer by trade. Claire runs a non profit which focuses on education: Operation Education.


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