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DIY-U and Academic Freedom.

Here is a link to an article which provides more info on Academic Freedom.

I found out about the above through my on going research. Over the years I have collected hundreds of research articles. These articles have been stored in my ever expanding knowledge base. I use external hard drives, usb flash drives and even dvds to store the data onto. I have printed out some of these articles. I prefer, however, to study the articles via my PC's and storage devices as this saves trees.

The aim of DIY-U is to promote Do it Yourself Education and Self Directed Learning, plus of course, research. If you look up, Free Skools - This is the correct spelling by the way, you will see that in Free Skools, students can be teachers too. As DIY-U is highly creative in essence, I / we, incorporate elements from various sources. We are not limited by dogma.

Here is a Youtube video on Academic Freedom.

At DIY-U we are perpetual students and we are teachers and researchers too. We wear different hats at DIY-U.


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