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A DIY-U extracurricular activity, hobby: Frisee That Much.

As you are aware, most universities encourage students to participate in extra curricular activities or to take up hobbies etc. This is true with DIY-U as well. It's not healthy for students to study all of the time and to not balance things with other activities.

I have recently gotten back into Frisbee and flying disc throwing. I also like to play Nerf Howler ball. I will explore other throwing sports as well.

Do you like the photo above? I will be getting this ultimate flying disc in the near future. If you're interested in getting your own custom designed Frisbee, I would suggest using the company above.

Here's a link to a post on Frisee That Much. It's from my Ato Consulting Dot com wordpress blog/site. In the link, you will find the copyrighted PDF on Frisee That Much, plus links to 3 quick videos I had shot where I am playing the game.

If you prefer to save time, here's the highlighted version of the copyrighted PDF I had written up on Frisee That Much. It's a link to the PDF that's in my Google drive.

Here is a link to my Google blog for Frisee That Much.


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